All Fuels
Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity
Promotes the testing and deployment of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, with comprehensive road tests of many light and heavy duty vehicles.A Global Overview of Renewable Energy Sources (AGORES)
A broad study of renewable energy, including sources, policies, markets, and uses throughout Europe.American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Energy policies, programs, media, publications, and consumer resources.

California Energy Commission
Energy policy and planning for the state of California.

Information on electric, hybrid electric, and natural gas vehicles, mobility systems, and intelligent transportation systems.

California Air Resources Board (CARB)
California clean air programs, workshops, business assistance and training, air quality and emissions, and laws and regulations.

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
News, fact sheets, and newsletters, with the goal of promoting the use of ethanol and biodiesel as a transportation fuel.

Center for Transportation Analysis
Development of integrated inter-modal transportation, with concerns for transportation energy and the environment.

Clean Fuels Development Coalition
U.S. clean fuel programs, requirements, components, and information about renewable fuels.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Information on research and development projects for the Department of Defense.

Department of Energy – Clean Cities Program
Program that supports clean burning alternative fuel vehicle’s and provides information about vehicle support guidelines, AFV incentives and laws, and various other links to alternative fuel vehicle information.

Department of Transportation – Federal Highway Administration
Information on highway legislation and regulations, as well as the agency’s various projects and programs.

Energy, Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network (EREN)
Energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy education and training, Department of Energy programs, and consumer energy information.

Energy Information Administration
Energy and fuel efficiency information, alternate fuel vehicles, transportation fuels, fuel cell vehicles, and renewable energy.

Environmental Protection Agency
Information on pollution prevention, pollutants, and toxins in an effort to protect our natural environment.

Environment Canada
Canada’s weather prediction and environmental protection organization, with information on many environmental topics.

EPAct – Federal Fleet ProgramĀ 
Information on the federal program to reduce petroleum consumption through the use of alternative fuel vehicles in fleets.

EPA/DOE Fuel Economy
Fuel cell, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, incentives for purchasing, and the importance of fuel economy.

Gas Research Institute
A research and development organization with the goal of expanding natural gas production and use, containing information on its research and projects.

Greentie-Greenhouse Gas Technology Exchange Database
A searchable directory of suppliers that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of clean technology.

International Energy Agency
A forum of 26 member countries that studies the world’s energy supply, with many statistics, publications, and reports on oil and alternative fuel sources.

National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium
Prepares curriculum and teaches adults and younger students alike about alternative fuels.

Natural Resources Defense Council
An environmental action organization that supports green living, smart growth, green building, and energy efficiency, along with many other environmental issues.

Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium (NAVC)
A non-profit agency that funds and supports advanced transportation research, with information on its various projects and links to related sites.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Clean energy, sustainable transportation, green buildings, and information on its Green Car Club.

Bio Diesel International (BDI)
An engineering firm for facilities that produce renewable resources, primarily the production of biodiesel, with detailed reports on the production and benefits of biodiesel.US Department of Energy – Alternative Fuels: Biodiesel
Information about renewable diesel, advanced bioethanol, and biofuel issues in the economy and the environment.DieselNet, Diesel Emissions Online
Diesel emissions, engines, and fuels, as well as emission controls and standards.
Association of European Accumulator Manufacturers
Represents 37 companies in the European battery industry and addresses the growing market for electric vehicles and automotive battery applications.Electric Drive Transportation Association
Focuses on the development, production, and use of battery, hybrid, and fuel cell electric drive technologies and supporting infrastructure.Hypercar Advanced Vehicle
Designs and engineers light-weight solutions for automobiles in an effort to meet the consumer demand for cleaner vehicles.

National Rural Electric Cooperative
Information on the programs and events organized by this electricity cooperative association, focusing on national interests, utilities, and consumers.

National Station Car Association
Reports and articles about electric vehicles and the station car program – an alternative method of mobility specifically for large urban environments.

Ethanol Information Centre
Offers a number of facts on ethanol manufacturing, retailing, emissions, and environmental benefits, while supplying information on fuel alternatives such as ethanol.Ethanol Vehicle Challenge
A three-year ethanol vehicle design competition for engineering students at the Argonne National Laboratory, with information about past competitions and ethanol fuel in general.Governors’ Ethanol Coalition
Provides information on ethanol, including news releases, publications, and state and federal legislation, in order to promote and increase the use of ethanol fuels to improve the environment and the economy.

National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition
Information on ethanol and E85, refueling locations, flex fuel vehicles, pricing worksheets, and tax forms.

Fuel Cells
California Hydrogen Business Council
Supports the implementation of hydrogen as an alternative to oil and includes extensive information on all aspects of the hydrogen industry.Canadian Hydrogen Association
Provides hydrogen references, resources, industry news, and publications to promote the use of hydrogen energy and to improve our current environment.