Propane Autogas Goes to School

Propane autogas is making inroads in many ways these days. One of the latest innovations has special merit since it’s aimed at reducing emissions in buses designed to transport school children. Powered by Ford and ROUSH CleanTech, advanced propane autogas buses are now being built on the Blue Bird Vision body and chassis that’s been popular in school, childcare, Head Start, church, tour, and shuttle service for some time. The buses use ROUSH’s latest-generation liquid propane autogas system.

School buses have been an area of particular focus by environmental groups over the years because of the unacceptably high levels of emissions school children have been exposed to while being transported and as buses idle at school bus stops. In addition to greater fuel efficiency, propane autogas buses feature lower nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, CO2 greenhouse gas, and particulate emissions

CalPolyPropane Autogas Goes to School